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Scaffolding Parts

From fortified steel wheels to coupling fins, we present Scaffolding Parts for customers' construction sites. Smart outline grounded on special connection advancement offers certified hefty load-bearing capacity as well as minimizes the demanded material to least. Inferable to their functionality, the parts are extremely durable and practically handling safe. Customers can simply adjust their scaffolding's height and position through our Scaffolding Parts with whole protection from over-winding and over-positioning. Provided parts has deployment is uneven or sloping platforms as per application's demand.

Key Features:
  • Space offered to make connection between parts and scaffolding
  • Greatly strong for extreme level workers' protection
  • Adjustment can be performed for different applications
  • Available in custom and standard sizes

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Scaffolding Wheels

Scaffolding Wheels or Caster wheels are used to be mounted on the bottom of the scaffolding structures to enable rolling movement of the object. These wheels comes in a heavy duty & double locking design that supports upto 750 lbs.

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Scaffolding Coupling Pins

Scaffolding coupling Pins are used for locking the joints of scaffolding tower safely. These pins work as a connector between stacking mason and arch scaffold frames.