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Scaffold Safety

Scaffold Safety Precautions

Although scaffolding renders sturdy work in comparison to a ladder, still it is important for a scaffold worker to pay attention to the safety precaution while working. In order to avoid any injuries, bulletined below are the points that should be kept in mind during working on the scaffold:
  • Before initiating any work, one should always look for the on-site components that they should be damaged and are operating properly.
  • Prior to the erection of tower, work location should be inspected for tower that can be mobile access and that does not render any disasters while dismantling, relocating, and erecting with respect to the conditions such as wind and ground conditions, obstructions, etc.
  • For assembling and dismantling of a scaffold, at least two workers are must to handle the mobile tower access.
  • Working load for each platform should not exceed 275 kilograms or 606lbs and it should be distributed in an uniform manner for maximizing the load capacity of 950 kilograms for each tower that also includes the weight of the workers.
  • In order to avoid falling from the tower, it must be climbed from inside with the help of a built in ladder that is to be prepared while assembling.
  • During the break time, when the tower is left unattended, it should be tied to a solid structure.
  • Cartons and other material should not be used to add a height to the tower.
  • A bridge of any kind should not be constructed without approval and specifications.
  • In order to avoid injuries, avoid jumping onto platforms.
  • Components and other material should be tied to a rope while raising or lowering them between the platforms.
  • Remember that it is a working tower, therefore it should not be utilized for accessing other structures.
  • Horizontal forces can deliver instability to the tower, thus it needs to be carefully handled.
  • The applied horizontal force should not be greater than 250 kilograms over a freestanding tower.