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Construction Scaffolding

To complete the outer structure of tall buildings or to clean them, customers need to employ skilled labors along with better Construction Scaffolding like ours. The scaffolding are offered in numerous outlines, lengths, widths and material. Each model functions in specific area as every model is distinctive in style as well as functionality. In addition, bearing wheels are integrated at bottom of our Construction Scaffolding for simple transportability as well as reduced installation expenses. To reach 2 or 3 storey height, optimized stairways are provided in optimized design.

Key Features:
  • Greatly protected to eliminate serious injury or death
  • Adapted kinds for shoring, form-work, concert stages and more
  • Completely adjustable for secure stairways application
  • Has spring loaded bolting mechanism
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Aluminium Mobile Podium

Aluminium Mobile Podium is a temporary scaffolding structure, which provides stable platform to work at different heights faster, easier and safer. This podium is durable, lightweight and can be transported in a small van, thus making it a versatile product for working at different locations.

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Aluminum Stair

Aluminum Stair is widely used in warehouses, automobile service units, dockyards etc. for easy and safe access to the elevated areas. This stair has anti-slip floor on the stair tread and platform surface, thus making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses.

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Double Width Scaffolding

Double Width Scaffolding provides free standing, stable and easily moveable platform to undertake construction & maintenance work at heights. Furthermore, this scaffolding structure has integral stairway & handrail system for frequent & safe ascend and descend inside the tower.

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Single Width Mobile Scaffolding Tower

Single Width Mobile Scaffolding Tower provides stable platform for the workers to undertake construction and maintenance works at heights safely in order to avoid fall or any other accidents. This scaffold tower is mounted on the castor wheels for ease of relocation.

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Piece Podium

Piece Podium is a temporary platform that is raised above the existing surroundings to give prominence to the persons on it. It is widely used in election rallies, musical shows, college fest, media events etc.

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Stairway Mobile Scaffolding Tower

Stairway Mobile Scaffolding Towers are used in construction sites, dockyards, warehouses etc. for frequent climbing and descent with bulk or heavy loads safely. The offered stairway tower is made from aluminum & mild steel tubes & couplers and has standard guardrails, bracing frames and toe board.

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Bridge Way Scaffolding

Bridge Way Scaffolding has a wider platform and is popularly used for undertaking construction, maintenance or renovation work at heights. This scaffolding tower is easy to assemble and dismantle and enables workers to move safely in any direction to complete their task.

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Folding Platform Scaffolding

Folding Platform Scaffoldings are pre-assembled structures that are widely used in homes, warehouses, and automobile units etc. to work comfortably at smaller heights. These foldable platforms are made from aluminum tubes & couplers and can be folded away & stored conveniently.